What's a dynoSitetm?

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It's your own web 2.0 tool that helps you manage your business in a number of neat ways we think you'll like. Since these tools are enjoyed from within your own familiar site, it's simpler for you, your team, and your customers to use. There's no bouncing around to other web services requiring more ids and passwords to remember. Your dynoSitetm presents a more professional image to your clients.

Appointment Scheduling
Easily manage your complex schedules and resources from within your dynoSitetm. Let your customers book their own appointments and reservations for you 24/7 while you focus on your business. Your common schedule book does not have to sit on one desk. Share it securely from any home or office computer and printed at your leisure.

More than another on-line scheduling tool, dynoSitetm can be customized to ask the questions you need answered of your clients before they book an appointment or reservation. It's part of your website for a clear and consistent professional image.

Special Event Management
Easily manage your classes and special events from within your dynoSitetm. Let your clients book space for your events 24/7. Publish times, maps, and more for your clients.

Email Marketing
Easily send your own personalized bulk email newsletters and campaigns from within your own dynoSitetm.

Blogs, Forums, Message Boards
Easily manage your own blogs, forums, message boards, and question / answer pages from within your own dynoSitetm. Exclusive permission based topics let you control who can read or post to your entries. Great for:

Online Forms
Leverage online forms to collect information from your customers, clients, and prospects. We'll create forms for you to gather: View this information from a secure section of your dynoSitetm or from your email.

Content Management
Edit your own pages and create new ones in seconds. Do this from a secure section of your dynoSitetm; anytime and anywhere. Powerfully simple beyond compare.

Promote your business with a dynoSitetm in multiple languages. We support English, Spanish, French, and more.

Smartphone and Tablet views
Automatically display one view for computers and another for smaller smart phones and tablets.